A View From the Bridge

Written by Arthur Miller
Directed by Allen Hamilton
Theatre in the Round, 2017

“A tolerant view of our humanity requires that one see the plank in one’s own eye before noting the speck of dust in another’s. Hamilton’s cast finds the human element in each role.”

Southside Pride

Interview with Director Allen Hamilton

Michael Egan – Eddie
Roberta Gibbons – Beatrice
Aidan Jhane Gallivan – Catherine
Don Maloney – Marco
Derek Dirham – Rodolpho
David Carey – Alfieri
also featuring – Robert Palmer, Lana Bean, James Michael Zappa, Mark Palmer, Mark Deel, Aaron Rolloff, Lenny Erikson, David Schlosser

 “Gallivan, looking precisely the part of a midcentury American girl ready to make her way in the world, helps the show keep its steady keel even in charged moments like one where she kneels at her uncle’s feet and accepts an apple slice from his hand.”

City Pages

“Director Allen Hamilton has cast this play well, and gets strong performances out of everyone, but I’m particularly enamored of the central family unit. Aidan Jhane Gallivan is sweet and lovely as Catherine, making it easy to see why Eddie loves her so, but you also feel her pain and confusion when that love turns darker.”

Cherry and Spoon

A View from the Bridge’s most attention-catching issue is incest, a bond between uncle and niece that threatens to burst the dam of family love and spill into taboo territory. I’d call the affection one-sided, since Catherine bats Eddie away when he makes a blatant move, but Gallivan’s Catherine still caresses her uncle even after their falling out.”

– Minnesota Playlist

photos by Rodger Watts